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Our Mission

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Building stronger foundations today, for our communities tomorrow.

At Blount, we believe our responsibility to the community is greater than ourselves. Since the day we bought our first excavator, we've operated with a deeprooted pride in our work and recognize the projects we're completing now impact lives well into the future. That's why we're committed to building stronger foundations—above and below the surface—in everything we do.

As a national leader in deep foundations drilling and heavy civil construction services, we know that our communities are as unique as the infrastructure projects that define them. That's why, day in and day out, we're driven to build longlasting, meaningful relationships with our community partners and ensuring the job always gets done right.

Together, we're building stronger foundations today so our communities can live better lives tomorrow.
Our History

Our Values

Others before ourselves
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When we put the needs of others before our wants, we all benefit. We approach every project with this mindset, and make every decision based on what’s best for the project as a whole. We aim to serve those around us by passing on knowledge and always working to keep them safe. Ultimately, we put our community first by working hard to create a team dedicated to building solid foundations today in service of bettering the lives of our communities tomorrow.
Educated by experience
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The best way to learn anything is by doing. The most effective way to learn is by practice, but there is always more to learn. Stay hungry and pass your knowledge on to those who are eager to learn. Have the desire and confidence to push future generations to be better than you are. For those who are newer to our industry, watch, ask questions, and learn by doing. Asking how or why shows commitment to learning.
Results through effort
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Our greatest accomplishments will come through working hard as a team. Continuous effort is what differentiates the good from the great. Love hard work, seek out hard work, and together we will build great things.
Greatness is a habit
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When it comes to being great and achieving excellence, everything we do matters. From taking care of and keeping our equipment clean, to always choosing safety before production, every decision matters. Greatness is like a muscle—the more we exercise it, the stronger we get. We must practice greatness and take pride in all we do each day. As we do, the results will speak for themselves.
Count on discipline
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What we do is challenging. At times, we have to look beyond motivation to get the job done. When we're up against significant challenges, we count on discipline to push us through the hard times and help us execute to the best of our abilities. Giving up is not an option.
Open and honest communication
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We build strong foundations through open and honest communication. Excellent communication comes in the form of planning, teaching, and solving problems together. Whenever issues arise, we discuss them openly. We offer each other sincere and respectful feedback, even when it's uncomfortable. We share information with our entire team, so they’re empowered and informed. When in doubt, communicate honestly with the whole team.

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