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Concrete Recycling Helps Growth at Blount

Blount, the Southwest Division of WW Clyde, began recycling concrete for the first time a few months ago. The strategic move has helped the company expand its operations in a sustainable market it hadn’t previously explored.

For the first time, Blount is in a position to provide recycled aggregate to the public in locations anywhere in the valley.

“This is something we have talked about starting for some time,” David Dean, Division Manager at Blount, said. “We worked together as a team to figure out logistics of the whole operation. It has been an investment and risk to get up and running, but it has been well worth it to get into the materials market in the Phoenix area.

“The Johnson Stewart pit in Mesa is giving us an opportunity to use their materials to produce sellable product. By doing that, it helps keep the pit open longer because it won’t fill up as fast. So, it’s a win-win for both us and the pit owners. It helps that it’s in a very good location. They are the perfect partners to team up with.”


concrete recycling at Blount

To begin the process, a jaw crusher takes chunks of concrete previously designated for the edge of the landfill and turns it into smaller pieces without excess rebar. That concrete is then run through a horizontal shaft impact (HSI) crusher and taken through a screen deck to get to the appropriate size. 

The recycled concrete must meet Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Spec ABC, which is suitable for any project requiring structural fill.

With the new process in place, Blount is aiming to produce around 3,000 tons of recycled concrete per day.

“We’re just beginning to see the ways this addition to our services has helped us,” David said. “I’m excited to see how this investment will help our customers.” 

In addition to its concrete recycling, Blount is looking to expand its offerings later this year to include asphalt recycling.

At Blount, increasing sustainability by beginning concrete recycling means building for today and tomorrow without depleting additional resources. As a company, we believe that being environmentally responsible is the right thing to do. It’s an important initiative that helps us complete our mission of Building a Better Community.

Call (480-985-2112) or email (info@blountco.com) to purchase Blount’s sustainable concrete base course material today!

concrete recycling at Blount

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