Of paramount importance in all our operations is a shared responsibility for safety. The ultimate goal is zero incidents. Management and employee commitment to this safety framework has produced a safety record in which we can be proud.

Our Safety Philosophy

Our managers and supervisors are accountable to each other for the safety of our people and are expected to provide effective leadership in safety. Management of every business or operation is responsible for following Safety Principles and implementing and maintaining Safety Standards. All employees are responsible for safety behavior.

Our Safety Goal

The safety of our team and those with whom we work is a top priority. We believe that safety is something that you plan for and control and is not an inevitable part of the construction industry. We strive for no incidents on every job.


Our commitment to excellence has been consistent and successful. We invest in quality people who work in a team environment. Each team member knows that success in large measure will come through effective communication within our company and with those with whom we work.

Every Blount employee has an education plan and works to achieve his or her education goals Blount Contracting works with equipment manufacturers, professionals and other business partners to provide ongoing and important training to Blount employees. We use GPS and other development and project management software to accelerate our company growth. All of these technological advantages require the education and training of a capable workforce.

We empower each employee and make them accountable to all team members for their role in the success of Blount Contracting.

Our Commitment to Excellence