Project Manager

Marcus Pedersen

Marcus is a project manager with Blount who started working here in October 2020. In a typical week, you can find Marcus managing projects, ensuring that work is completed safely and efficiently, and maintaining contractor relations.

From a young age, Marcus was always fascinated with heavy construction and equipment. He attended South Dakota State University and graduated in 2016 with a degree in civil engineering. After college, Marcus took a job with a general construction contractor and traveled the country building infrastructure work. After 3.5 years in that role — and a short stint with a civil engineering consulting firm in Phoenix, AZ — he joined the Blount Contracting team.

Marcus says that his favorite part of his job is working with a close-knit team that is focused on a common goal of building quality work. He is especially proud of a project where he helped coordinate the construction of four bridges using accelerated bridge construction. “That project required immense amounts of planning, scheduling, individual man hours, and most importantly, teamwork to successfully demolish and reopen each bridge within a 56-hour window,” he says.

In his free time, he likes to hang out with family and friends outdoors, usually hunting, fishing, snowboarding, boating, or golfing.

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