Miguel Romero

Miguel Romero, superintendent, started at Blount as a laborer in 2016. His responsibilities include organizing crews, ordering equipment and concrete, setting goals and conducting safety analysis to avoid accidents.

But his background as a laborer in the utility business, where he installed mainlines for water, sewer and storm drains, has shaped the kind of superintendent he has become. The hardworking Arizona native doesn’t sit in a truck; he joins his crews working on the ground. He also likes a challenge, which he gets with drilling, which is complicated by the varied soil types of Arizona. But if it’s too easy, he says, it’s boring.

Proud of the teamwork as well as the results on the Canopy project – a Scottsdale hotel underground parking excavation project that required drilling, shoring systems and shotcrete – Miguel praises Blount for providing newer, quality equipment, as well as for being supportive.

He tears up dirt in a different way when he’s not at work by off-roading in his truck. He also enjoys target shooting and spending time with his wife and their two children and traveling to visit family.

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