Wes Conn, Director of Operations at Blount

Director of Operations

Wes Conn

Wes Conn experienced a meteoric rise to the position of director of operations. One week after starting at Blount in 2014 as an operator, he was promoted to superintendent. Two weeks after that, he became a general superintendent. Today he oversees field operations for the company.

As the son of an excavation company owner, Wes has been playing in the dirt since he was a kid – jumping onto equipment to build a motorcycle track or work around his hog farm. But by 2011, the Arizona sun called him away from the damp Pacific Northwest. The tight-knit family atmosphere at Blount welcomed him.

A drag boat racer at heart, he enjoys seeing completed projects at work, knowing what it took to finish them – the battles and the challenges. He takes extra satisfaction in completing the projects that people say are impossible. “Can’t” isn’t in Wes’ dictionary.

Still playing in the dirt, still riding motorcycles and still building and racing boats, Wes escapes the pressure of work-related challenges by drag boat racing, where, for 6 seconds, the rest of the world stops and his worries fade.

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