Land Clearing, Grading, Site Preparation
For more than 15 years, Blount has been a leader in diversified heavy civil construction. From large dams to major foundation projects for athletic facilities, our ability to complete the most challenging heavy civil projects, from large to small, is well recognized.


Mass Excavation

Basement, Detention Basin, Overburden Removal, Contract Mining
Mass excavation requires careful planning for successful execution. Blount Contracting is ready to meet your needs across a diverse range of projects. Our experience allows us to help you make the right decisions at the right time as your project progresses from concept through final completion. You can rely on our skill to move your dirt.

Earth Retention

Soil Nails, Beam & Lagging, Anchors, Secant Piles, Underpinning, Shotcrete, Permanent Retaining Walls
Every new project presents unique challenges when it comes to retaining the earth. This type of work can often be misunderstood and expensive. With engineering resources and a passion to provide a better solution; Blount can excavate, drill, stabilize, or retain the earth to help your project get out of the ground.


Deep Foundations Drilling

Drilled Shafts, Auger Cast Piles, Micropiles
The foundation of any project is the most critical aspect of construction. Our business is to build lasting foundations that you can depend upon. Whether commercial or industrial construction, Blount Contracting is ready to deliver high-quality excavation. Our team is equipped to support your project by drilling foundations, concrete placement, reinforcement procurement & installation, and spoils management.