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    With growing populations, it’s critical that our communities have access to the power and infrastructure they need to thrive. Whether clearing land for a new solar field or grading large-scale sites, we lay the groundwork for them.
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    Healthcare and institutional facilities bring their own unique set of features and challenges. Blount recognizes these facilities often have complex requirements and require precision at every step. At Blount, we’re well-versed in building sites that healthcare systems can rely on.
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    Blount has proven experience providing residential civil construction services that developers need. Especially when faced with challenging and fast-paced projects, we always find a way to deliver for our residential partners.
  • Heavy Civil (Roads, Dams and Bridges) Black Accordion Arrow Icon

    With over 15 years in the heavy civil construction industry, we’ve built a variety of challenging, but essential structures. When we build roads, dams, and bridges, we know we’re not just building another structure—we’re building a tool that connects our communities with the resources they need.
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    Sports and entertainment projects are often large, and attention to detail is key to completing them successfully. We understand that sports fields and facilities require precise grades, and we have the expertise to provide surfaces that athletes and entertainers can depend on.

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Problems We Solve

01Earth Stabilization

Sensitive slopes surrounding your site can be a real challenge. With techniques like soil nailing, underpinning, and retaining walls, we’ll keep your site’s earth stable and your people safe

02Unsuitable Soils

Undesirable soil conditions are an obstacle on many projects. Deep foundation drilling uncovers suitable soils and lays the groundwork for a strong and sturdy foundation.

03Overburden Removal

Mass excavation doesn't always mean digging holes for foundations and utilities. Instead, services such as overburden removal require excavation as well. Our skilled operators safely remove materials in your way and uncover the resources you’re after.

04High-Risk Sites

We don’t see safety as inevitable. We plan for risks and set control measures that keep sites safe. Whether it’s daily safety protocols on our sites or installing temporary earth retention on your project, we lead with safety on all of our projects.

05Tight Deadlines

We know what it takes to work on projects with tight deadlines and high expectations. We strive under pressure and do our best to proactively look for issues down the line, keeping us ahead of the game and the project on target.

06Complex Projects

There’s no substitute for hard work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try new things. If we think it’ll benefit our clients, we're willing to try it. In the past few years, we’ve continued to add innovative techniques such as segmented drilling to our portfolio and we’re always looking towards the future.


"We had a project deadline in jeopardy due to some unexpected city requirements that needed to be completed by the next day. I called Blount in the late afternoon to see if they could help, and although they didn't have crews available they said they would make something happen. That night their office staff arrived with equipment from other job sites to get the work done. They worked through the night and we met our deadline the next day, keeping the city and the owner happy. Blount comes through when you need them the most!"
Nate Cook, Sr. Project Engineer
"When faced with schedule challenges, Blount's senior management and operations personnel provide the personal commitment and resources to meet critical schedule dates. Blount has been a true partner with McCarthy on our solar projects, and we value the personal relationships we have with all of Randy Blount's team!"
Karl Schneider, Sr. VP of Construction
"Blount Contracting was a true partner to CORE Construction during preconstruction of the ASU Phoenix Municipal Stadium Batting Tunnel project. Blount's team helped develop strategies to create solutions for the complex scope including shoring and structural excavation. Whenever there was an obstacle to overcome, Blount's team never backed down and came prepared with options to consider."
Jason Santor, Preconstruction Services
"Over the past 5 years, I have personally worked with Blount's teams on multiple solar projects in AZ, CO, UT and MS during both preconstruction/design and construction phases. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable and always a valuable resource in finding effective solutions for very difficult project challenges and alternative design solutions, work processes and delivery methods. When faced with schedule challenges, Blount's senior management and operations personnel provide the personal commitment and resources to meet critical schedule dates. Blount has been a true partner with McCarthy on our solar projects and we value the personal relationships we have with all of Randy Blount's team!"
Jeff Troop, Sr. Preconstruction/Project Manager
"Blount installed the engineered cantilever shoring system for our project. The shotcrete process went smoothly and the scheduled duration exceeded our expectations. Their willingness to work together makes Blount a valued partner."
Mike VanEynde, Project Manager
"Blount performed all civil scope of work on our Aviator Wind Project. This project was challenging with turbine delivery starting 3 weeks from Full Notice to Proceed. That being said Blount was able to stay ahead of the turbine delivery and allowing us to complete the 525 MW 191 turbine wind project in under 10 months with no delays. Hats off to the Blount Team!"
Samuel Ewald, Lead Estimator/ VP
"Blount was great to work with on this postage stamp sized site with two levels of below grade garage. Their excavation and shoring teams did a very good job. Their preconstruction efforts were accurate and helped us start our project smoothly."
Tyler Smith, Vice President, Construction
"Blount's tunnel excavation and shoring scope for the T4S1 Concourse project at Sky Harbor has been very challenging and requires intense coordination with all of the project stakeholders. While there have been some challenges with the field leadership from Blount, Randy Blount and David Dean have continued to remain calm and have remained committed to the success of the project. I appreciate their continued support and look forward successful completion of their scope of work on the project."
Brandon Moon, Project Director
"Blount is always incredibly responsive, prepared to provide budgets with little to no information. They always offer up their expertise and creative solutions to tackling the most challenging sites and schedules. They then proceed to execute the project creatively, diligently and within budget."
Leslie Policar, Senior Estimator
"I have found Blount to be a very knowledgeable, team partnering contractor. I have a trust in them and their abilities to provide insightful options to issues during preconstruction. They are a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend them."
Randy Allen, Estimator
"I have worked with Tyler through many projects to date and he definitely sets the bar when it comes to what I expect from a Subcontractor’s Preconstruction group. Between his timely and thorough responses, going above and beyond to ensure we are set up for success as well as bringing unique solutions to the table to execute the work, Tyler is an extremely valuable partner to any General Contractor / Owner."
Ryan Hankins, Preconstruction Manager
"Blount Contracting was brought on board as a trade partner to help design-build a tunnel under an occupied facility. They did a great job researching the project and providing ideas to achieve what the client wanted and differentiating themselves from the competition. They continued their efforts to support the project with the mass excavation and shoring of the facility basement. Their precon team is knowledgeable and great at communicating in a timely fashion. Their field team has a ton of experience & expertise and wastes no time getting after their work."
Kyle Allan, Project Manager

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