DEERE 850K Moving Material at Tempe Downstream Dam Replacement

Heavy Civil

Project Overview

Work consisted of demolition of 6’ thick CSA bank slope protection, coordinated excavation to allow shoring and dewatering to happen concurrently with the mass excavation, foundation prep, and coordination with ADWR. Processing on-site soils to make suitable structural fill for the project. Backfill of all structures and fine grading of the area downstream of the new dam.
City of Tempe / PCL Construction
Type of Project
Mass Excavation, Site Work
Scoped Performance
In Tempe AZ, Blount completed a variety of heavy civil construction activities at the Tempe Downstream Dam.
Completion Date
January 2016
DEERE 670G Loading Dirt onto Dump Truck
DEERE 670G Loading Dirt onto Dump Truck

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