Soil Nail Shoring

Soil nails offer the perfect solution for tight job sites because of their small footprint. By drilling into unstable soil, “nailing” it in place with hollow or solid nails pumped with grout, and a shotcrete finish, we’ll keep your earth in place.

Beam & Lagging Shoring

As a temporary earth retention system, beam and lagging is a great short-term solution for loose soils. Often used in urban areas where benched or sloped designs aren’t feasible, beam and lagging is a quick, affordable, and flexible earth retention solution.

Secant Piles Shoring

Secant piles are overlapped concrete piles that are stronger than traditional sheet piles. If your site lays on sensitive ground, secant piles eliminate this issue by finding stable soils deeper in the ground. In addition, this method offers a less-noisy solution for densely populated areas.

Underpinning Shoring

Underpinning is a method of strengthening the foundation of an existing building. It’s often used when the original structure is no longer stable, the soils have changed, or the load capacity of the structure has increased. It’s a great cost-effective method of reinforcing your structures.

Shotcrete Shoring

Shotcrete is a flowable concrete material used in a variety of applications. For earth retention purposes, it's advantageous for curved or folded surfaces such as tunnels and canals. Shotcrete not only secures loose soils but is also used as a waterproofing solution.

Permanent Shoring

Permanent retaining walls come in all shapes, sizes, advantages, and disadvantages. Regardless of your site conditions and restraints, we’ll assess your project, find the best solution that meets your needs, and install a dependable retaining wall.


In tunnel construction, there is no room for error. The sites are confined and surrounded by soils that could fail at any moment. It takes a certain level of expertise and attention to detail to successfully reinforce a tunnel. Blount’s trusted teams understand the severity of tunnel construction and will ensure a stable work environment for your operation.


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